My role is Middle Years Team Leader (Yrs 5-8), so the chief focus of my involvement in the web 2.0 Project has been in supporting the growth and development of primarily the Middle Years teaching team and also the wider staff of the school in the effectiveness of their teaching practices utilising ICTs for authentic learning. The most encouraging result has been a strong and positive shift in teaching practice towards more relevant and authentic learning throughout the course of the year.
We have created space in our team meetings for sharing of innovative ideas and things to try. This has proven to be most beneficial, with teachers appreciating the professional conversations that have arisen from the exposure to “new” ICT resources or methods or routines that various teachers have tried. All teachers from Middle Years have been actively involved and there has only been positive feedback about these conversations and the growth in teaching effectiveness that has resulted.
Looking to learn has been a major focus in our leveraging of ICT resources. we have held whole staff meetings (P-12) and distributed ideas, prompts and thinking routine structures via email through the year as well. A number of teachers have adopted these as a pattern and have given feedback that they have noticed a greatly enhanced level of engagement and thinking with the students, along with much more confident and competent communication of ideas that have been developed individually or collaboratively. My own Year 5 class have responded wonderfully to the challenges provided through a range of L2L experiences.
Our Year 7 1:1 iPad project has been a major opportunity for teachers to develop the richness of the teaching and learning in their work with this class. The iPad project will extend to Years 7 & 8 next year, extending its reach and the integration of mobile technology resources to a wider number of the teaching staff. A variety of ways these devices have been used have been shared with the College Council and the whole staff. Each of our Middle Years parent information evenings (we hold one each term) has featured ways we are using technology to enhance learning though L2L, literacy learning, communication between home & school. our final information session for parents will focus on technology more fully – our program will deal with the questions of “Why technology in education?”, “How are we guiding our students to think more deeply?”, “What are we doing to enhance engagement in learning?” and “How has technology helped us in the organisation and communication of learning?”. we will endeavour to have as many parents as possible who attend registered for edmodo for next year before they leave as well!
I’m interested in building on our use of edmodo and other “Flipped Classroom” ideas as we continue our journey of development. The following Flipped Classroom link may be of interest.